The Six Trends of Project Management in 2017

According to Project Management is one of the fastest growing multi-industry issues. Like all industries the accompanying software continues to be developed at an alarming rate. But where to start? Which pieces of software are worth considering, and maybe investing in? What do you need to be familiar with to use project management software. Sometimes I wish we could stay old school! But to get with the best, the best tools are needed.


The only thing constant in this world is change. Project management software has become one of the most crowded professional SaaS industries just within the last few years. Companies are trying to get more done than ever, and industry is making changes to try to keep up. Unfortunately, most of the giants aren’t able to match growth or needs. Here we are going to explore the emerging trends in getting things done and find out which software is best for each!


Machine learning

This is a BIG one. For the most part, you’ll interact with the benefits of machine learning on sites like Google, Spotify, Amazon, and Netflix, but tons of new web apps are taking to the trend and project management is no exception. Projects are notorious for being late – a trend that must be stopped. The perfect task for machine learning! With a well-built algorithm, the app will create a model to decipher patterns and improve its own efficiency, becoming more accurate over time. This means that you’ll be able to better predict when a task is going to be done based on who is assigned and how big the task is. This is just one of the MANY benefits that machine learning will bring to project management. According to Capterra, ClickUp is leading the way in project management for machine learning, but other project management tools such as Forecast are realizing the revolutionary potential of this trend.



The integration with apps and services on the cloud will continue to be a major part of project management in 2017. The difference is that integrations are now ESSENTIAL to success. Every modern management software must be capable of integrating into the ever-growing pool of popular tools used today. When choosing ANY software for your company, you must ask – does it have a simple and clear connection with your commonly used apps? At this time JIRA has the largest collection of integrations and add-ons, but other more modern tools are soon to catch up! Keep in mind that if you find a tool you love that does not integrate with a tool you need, they can always add integrations, so never be afraid to ask!



It’s an incredible trend. Remote work is actually becoming more popular than the traditional office cubicle. Remote work allows more freedom and faster scaling for companies needing to save money. Working remotely also requires initiative, proactiveness, and a willingness to do what’s necessary from everyone on the team – without being asked. Enable your team to stay on the same page and collaborate efficiently with a project management tool like ClickUp. They’re designed for remote work and were even built for this need. Even the world’s leading software companies are making changes to accommodate this trend, including Slack who added Video Chat this year. Project management is no different. Almost every business in the world has at least one team working together to complete a project remotely.



Project managers are beginning to utilize project management software to get the most out of their employees. Dedicating a space entirely for ideas has become essential. Enterprise organizations that don’t take advantage of their employee’s ideas and talent get left behind. This is becoming a hot trend in 2017 that is yielding great results!

Certain niche companies are blooming out of this void. For example, Wazoku Idea Spotlight is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform dedicated to giving companies a central hub for ideas, innovation and feedback. Users include Microsoft, Aviva, Oxford University, and many more. These same companies are even gamifying the system so that employees get points and a % of the profits if an idea is successful! Let’s see this implemented in project management software!


End of Email

Important tasks and email just don’t mix! Too much gets lost in the noise. When an entire team is replying to the same email, the conversation string inevitably spirals out of control. Oh yea, and tracking progress? Forget it. Platforms like Nuvro have fixed this by allowing users to quickly see which tasks they’re responsible for, when everything is due, who needs help, who has time to help out and more. It’s basically email within the app, so that all communication unrelated to projects, tasks, documents, etc. can be tracked, easily referenced, and unburied. Tools like ClickUp take the problem of missed requests beyond the norm with assigned comments. If you haven’t heard of those, check em out! Stop trying to assign/complete tasks via email and start using a project management platform to get things done!


Customized Project Management

Why are we forced to pay for features we don’t need or even want to see? This is a common issue that many industries face. Today, software is built more easily than ever, leaving no excuse for users not having personalized control. By providing companies the option to customize their project management platform, users can save money and increase efficiency. People already have enough on their screens and are tired of clicking through things they don’t need. The sooner this change happens the better! We are seeing this trend with platforms such as AsanaForecast, and PivotalTracker.

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