ETP offers the following consulting services:

1.    Gauge an organisation’s project management capability

Measure the health of your organisation by measuring the health of its projects.

2. Rescue projects

Understand why a project/programme may have gone off the rails, and what needs to be done to fix it. Do this much more rapidly than with conventional methods.

3. Scope and plan projects in a day

No other company in the world has the ability to scope and plan projects so quickly.

4. Build project plans

Build the most accurate plans imaginable in the shortest time possible.

5. Run projects

With the least amount of work possible and still be sure of a successful outcome.

6. Assess project plans

Know before you start whether your project is likely or not to succeed. This is particularly invaluable when your project involves dealing with subcontractors / outsource vendors.

7. Assess projects

Assess a project at any point in its life and gauge how likely or not it is to succeed.

8. Audit completed projects / Build a knowledge base of completed projects

Assess a completed project, and extract the key learnings and information required to build a knowledge base of completed projects.

9. Run multiple projects/portfolios of projects

The ETP product set was used to plan and execute the Special Olympics World Games, the world’s biggest sporting event in 2003.

10. Analyze project management processes

Understand if your project management processes are optimal and, if not, how they can be improved.

11. Manage project subcontractors

Know, before the project starts, if your subcontractors / out-source vendors are likely to succeed.

12. Radically shorten projects

Shorten time to market. Get your project done in the shortest possible time.

13. Radically shorten multiple projects

See the productivity gains that can be made by reducing the amount of multi-tasking in your organisation.

14. Outsourcing project management

Outsource the project management of your project and be guaranteed a successful result