Case Study 2

Special Olympics World Games 2003

The Problem

The Special Olympics World Games was the world’s biggest sporting event in 2003.  Nothing like it had ever been attempted in Ireland before.

The Solution

ETP worked with the Special Olympics team to do the initial scoping and planning of this project.  Then, all the members of the team were trained in Structured Project management / The Ten Steps.  ETP provided a full-time, on-site consultant during the entire lead-up to the Games to act as an independent project advisor.

The Results

ETP beat all the large international consulting firms to secure this project.  ETP’s costs were a fraction of what the other firms were proposing.  The Special Olympics World Games are widely regarded as having been an outstanding national success.

“We could not have achieved all that we did without your help and assistance. You came on board at an early stage in the planning of the Games and the application of best practice project management was a vital ingredient in that success.”
Mary Davis, CEO
Special Olympics World Games 2003