ETP (Ireland) Ltd: Structured Programme and Project Management

Resource Centre

ETP offers a range of publications on different aspects of project management. To date fifteen have been published. These are available at €15 each or at €195 for all fifteen. The fifteen currently available are:

  1. How To Run Successful Projects
  2. How To Deal With Impossible Projects
  3. How to Estimate Anything Accurately
  4. Change Control
  5. Project Tracking
  6. Contingency & Risk Analysis
  7. Availability - The Silent Killer of Projects
  8. How to Rescue Projects
  9. How to Carry Out Project Post-Mortems
  10. The Top Five Reasons That Projects Go Wrong
  11. Running Multiple Projects
  12. Irrational Behaviour in Project Management
  13. Status Reporting
  14. The Twenty Behaviours of Successful Project Managers
  15. Extreme Time Management for Project Managers.