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Do you want to train all your staff for less than 5,000 euro?

4 March 2015

Would you be interested in training all of your staff in Project Management and Time Management for just € 4,950? It’s possible with ETP’s subscription service. During the recession, to help our clients in whatever way we could, we introduced this service. The way it worked was that for a single annual fee of € 4,950, an organisation could send as many people as it liked on any of our public courses over a 12 month period. There were no catches, no wait listing or limits of any kind. (We also offered discounts for registered charities – so if that’s you, just contact us to discuss this.) The service proved immensely popular and as a result many organisations availed of it. Since then many have renewed these subscriptions year after year, with the ETP subscription becoming a permanent feature of many of these organisations’ training budgets. The subscription covers both our legendary "How to Run Successful Projects" workshop and "The Power of Doing Less" Time Management course (contact us for more details on these courses). Given its popularity and even though the recession appears to be at an end, we have decided to continue the subscription service. You can see our public training course schedule here on our website. (Depending on the take-up of this offer and in order to keep class sizes manageable, we may add more Dublin dates.) You can see what other people have said about our training also here on the testimonial section of our website. If you would like to avail of this offer or need further information, just contact our office either on email ( or by phone (045 523959).

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