ETP (Ireland) Ltd: Structured Programme and Project Management

Light, common sense Project Management that works


ETP, founded by Fergus O'Connell, specialises in programme and project management for knowledge and high-tech industries.


If – like us - you believe that:

    * Project management is not rocket science but rather, common sense
    * ‘Light’ project management is the best project management
    * A little planning beats a lot of firefighting
    * Projects should get done as cheaply as possible with minimum waste
    * No project should ever fail
    * We should always be working on the most important things
    * An organisation should maximise its capacity to deliver projects
    * We should make every project day count
    * Project personnel can and should have a life outside work,

then email for an information pack today.


Fergus' new book, 'The Power of Doing Less: Why Time Management Courses Don't Work and How to Spend Your Precious Life on the Things That Really Matter' is out now